Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three More Krieg Guardsmen Done

Well, that makes 4!

Tomorrow I'll get as many more members of First Squad, First Platoon assembled as possible, and then get them primed and the greatcoats airbrushed grey. That'll give me Hobby Night to get as much painting done as possible on them without having to drag an airbrush along. Who knows- maybe I'll get an entire squad by the end of the weekend...? That would be TIGHT.

Take it easy folks, and thanks a bunch for the interest and comments. Until tomorrow...


  1. this is great stuff jeff! kudos! maybe i should start a Renegade army from Vraks, just for the fun of it, hehe

  2. Thanks guys!

    The Vraks Renegade range is awesome! Great looking models. If you do it you need to paint up a Valdor... sweetness...

  3. They look good! Will you have time on Hobby Night for some Death To Mercenaries?

  4. Nicely done as always dude!! Just a question but i'm thinking i already know the answer...duh!! U paint all your models individually? How long do u take for each...on average.

    Maybe i should change from batch painting. That way i would see real progress when models do actually get done.

    Thanks bro.

  5. @Kai- I think I'm gonna just put together Krieg models tomorrow night. I'm sure Saleem would love to get some more Heavy Gear games in with you, so fire it up! Next Hobby Night we'll put Kurita in it's place! ;)

    @Khairul- I painted the flamer dude individually, being a test model. The other three were painted in one batch. I plan on doing them all in batches of 3 to 5. They require several small steps to get them finished, which actually lends itself to batch painting nicely. No single step, other than decal application, takes any serious time actually. :)

    Any progress is progress, dude. I mean, look at everyone else's blogs and stuff. How often do you really see any kind of new output from anyone? Don't beat yourself up about it, and just get SOMETHING done every day or two. Post it up. Who gives a shit if it's only some assembly, or basecoating a model or two? It's something, and if you string a few nights together like that you'll be surprised how quickly you get shit done.