Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let There Be Metal (and some assembled Krieg)

After grilling up some seriously kick ass burgers tonight ;) I retreated up to my Chamber of Hobby Horror for some Bolt Thrower and Krieg assembly. I got three more completely assembled, and a couple more ready for e-tools, grenades, etc. I know it doesn't sound like very much progress, but the resin bits really are fiddly, warped, and loaded with flash. Definitely not for the hobby beginner or lazy bastard. No priming or painting either, unfortunately, but I can do that this weekend no problem. The Imperial war machine marches to inevitable victory.

Tomorrow night I'm planning on assembling as much Krieg goodness as I can, including a heavy weapons team. I want to paint one of those up this weekend- ForgeWorld really went to town with the poses and equipment on those. With any luck, I'll get the first squad done this weekend, and start on the Engineers next week.

I'm going back to Bolt Thrower and my hobby knife now. Take it easy, and tune in Saturday for the next Krieg progress report...

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