Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good Start to My Hobby Vacation

I'll get some pics up tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to post up some progress and motivate myself for the upcoming hobby binge of Flames of War and 40K. For FoW, I painted the last four Rifle/MG teams today. This finishes 1st Platoon 100%- huzzah! I also managed to assemble, putty, prime, and basecoat my Divisional AT Gun Platoon of PaK36 guns. Muy bueno.

I've decided 100% that once this army is done, I'm going to make my final, well overdue push to get my Death Korps of Krieg finished. The initial 1500 point army is detailed below, with a nice start I might add!

Really, there's not a whole lot left to do to at least get my army on the table and rolling some dice.

I'll get another post done on Monday with full pics and details of the progress so far. Until next time....


  1. woohoo! way to go! I've done all my tanks. Almost finished my 88s. Pioneer platoon and stuka assembled and primed. I don't have much of a holiday though, but will definitely get this done by Sept 7th!!!!

  2. Dude, that's still quite a long way to go!
    All the best!

  3. Way to go bro. Your DKK really deserves to be finished and set the battlefield alight with their awesome paintjob!!

  4. Nice spreadsheet. Pretty much the way I organize my FOW armies.