Monday, August 13, 2012

Tau Camo Test

Fooled around tonight with a possible Tau camouflage scheme I've had stuck in my head for a couple of weeks. The concept is a camo scheme for an aquatic world that looks like water and bubbles rising up through it. For this test I used clumps of silly putty as the mask and then did an Ultramarine Blue to White gradient on top of it. It's admittedly abstract looking, but I'd love to get done feedback from you guys. My thinking is that the leading edge of the tank would be white and fade to blue towards the back.



  1. I'm not sure about Tau, but this pattern would look super cool on Nids (purple?) or even Chaos Daemon (Red! it has to be red!)

  2. I like the colors you've used and the bubbles are a cool idea. I'd be tempted to paint on 'tiger' stripes in the darker blue as I think that would work.

    On a unrelated topic when can we expect an update on your Avenging sons? They were awesome!

  3. I love the pattern, but not so sure about the shades and how it might work on a Tau tank. I think it might too light, maybe darker shades of blue gradiating up might be better. Then again, I tend to go for darker shades.

  4. @Snake- Funny you mention Avenging Sons- I was just chatting about them the other day and thinking about getting them going again. I've got to finish my Germans first, but either the AS or my Krieg project are up next.

    @Spunky- Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Snake's idea for tiger stripes has me thinking about creating a pattern of very dark blue "aquarium plants" intertwining around each other towards the rear of the tank- only slightly darker than the blue around it to keep it subtle. I'll have another go tonight with that in mind

    1. woah, that would look awesome! Would take longer than your standard Tau camo, but it would definitely be eye candy

  5. Very nice first attempt man! Can't wait to see when you incorporate all the ideas you shared when we talked about it.

    The background color transition definitely works. Am sure you're gonna go with lighter colored bubbles on top. Now that would really make the vehicle pop! Esp love the smaller bubbles at the bottom :)