Sunday, July 29, 2012

Progress Tracker Up!

While I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I should have, I have reignited my hobby spark and gotten things going. It's been motivating to make the posts and get feedback from you guys- much appreciated! Every night I make any progress at all, I'll update the above project tracker and repost (along with pics of the finished stuff of course!)

No model pics tonight, but expect some progress in the next couple of days. I did get a bunch of infantry stands puttied up, and black primer airbrushed on my 2iC and the first platoon's halftracks. I don't normally hobby on Mondays, but I might make an exception. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll leave you tonight with the tune I've been listening to while typing this. Good stuff!


  1. Now the pressure's on! for me too! See you in France

  2. Nice progress table. I'll try to do something similar. Keep the momentum going. Just 4 weeks to go now.

    Azlan- we won't just see you in France. We'll be gliding into Paris in style :) Why walk the talk when you can just fly in ;)