Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Video Setup

Recently, my wife got an early birthday present in the form of a Canon S100- a fairly high end point and shoot camera. While playing around with it, I thought I'd try using it and a few fluorescent desk lamps to see what kind of painting tutorial video I could shoot. WOW is the result. For comparison, here's an old video I did for Battlefront almost a year ago:

You can definitely see the difference in resolution, horizontal bar artifacts from the lights, and focusing problems. There's virtually none of that using the S100, and the color is much more vibrant and not so washed out. I'm thrilled, and looking forward to doing more over the coming weeks...


  1. The clarity and smoothness of transition on focusing is really good for such a compact camera...really good decision to get it!

    Have to try and see if my older S95 can do the same...

  2. it's amazing to see the technology in compact camera these days..it's really nice.