Monday, July 2, 2012

Resurrecting the French

After finishing the Bagration campaign a few weeks ago, my thoughts immediately turned to starting another Flames of War campaign on Hobby Nights. We really enjoyed ourselves (despite the Soviet defeat!), and thought it would be fun to run another campaign that's limited to the actual combatants involved. So, "Case Yellow" will be our next one starting on the first Friday of September, allowing only French, British, and German early war armies (preferably from Blitzkrieg).

Loyal AM devotees will recall a series of French posts I made a while back, which unfortunately petered out as interest waned. Truth be told, in retrospect I wasn't too keen on the bases I made for the army, and I didn't care for the basecoat + wash concept I painted the army with.

So, starting tonight I've gone back to square one and come up with something better. It's a nice compromise between speed and appearance methinks. Tomorrow I'll post up some pictures and record my progress as I work towards September's campaign. See you then, with pics!


  1. This is going to be a blast! I have no idea yet how to do this on the table, but they will surely look awesome!

  2. Yeah I'm really looking forward to it. Tonight I should be able to finish my first unit, a Divisional 25mm AT Gun platoon

  3. I always wondered when you were going to show off that French army. I'm looking forward to seeing it!