Saturday, July 28, 2012

More (Painfully Slow) German Progress

All I painted today was this 2iC motorcycle team. Ugh.

I've gotta go WAY faster if this is going to get done. Hopefully getting back into the painting/blogging habit will nurture this furtive spark of creative progress. We shall see.


  1. If it makes you feel better they look very good even if they took langer than you thought they would.

  2. They do look good! I'll be continuing progress once I get home. Maybe a bit of competitive progress would help. Though I must admit, you got way lot more stuff to paint than me. Great job though. I'm sure the army will turn out awesome.

  3. Progress is still progress no matter how slow. =) And yes, they do look good. Loved the half-track in your earlier blog too.

  4. They look good man. Love how you painted the headlight. Hey, isn't the passenger suppose to have a machine gun? Coz he's the 2ic...don't have my grey wolf with me :)

    Cheers man.

  5. Thanks for the kind commment guys- makes for great motivation!

    @Khairul- I don't think so- keep in mind this is early war so I'm making my list from Blitzkrieg. It's a 2iC Command SMG team, and there's nothing written about an MG on the bike that I can see. I'd be happy to model it if it's supposed to be there... :D