Thursday, January 12, 2012

Biermeyer's SS Panzer IVH Platoon DONE

Quick but satisfying post tonight, folks. I've just finished this Panzer IVH Platoon, along with 2 Jagdpanzer IV tank hunters, which means my 3rd SS Panzerkompanie is DONE! Woo hoo! I've got two fully painted Flames of War armies completely finished. The Americans I blitzed through, but I've been working on my SS off and on for over a year. Looking back on this blog the first SS post I made was way back in May of 2010. Yowsah!

Regardless, this means I've got a late war army for both sides now. Much happiness! Sometime in March or April I'm going to bust out a Soviet tank army for our upcoming Bagration campaign on May 5th. That will be sweet. BTW, if you dig the paint job, check out the video below. I did it quite some time ago when we were first launching the Flames of War YouTube channel. The paint job I show in this video is pretty much the same thing I did here

In the meantime, it's back to 28mm for an upcoming event. Gameforge in Penang is running a Warhammer "Border Patrol" 500 point tournament. I had a ball at the last tournament they ran, so I'm going to finally start painting my Beastmen army to play with a brand new army in the tourney.

I'm going to try doing this army with "the dip", in this case Minwax 'Golden Oak'. I basecoated and dipped one Minotaur yesterday, but it's still a bit tacky this evening so it's not yet ready for the matte varnish and finishing up details. I'll post a pic of him this weekend for your perusal. He's more or less a test model, but so far I'm reasonably pleased with him. Until next time...


  1. Nice one man!! An SS and an American force at your disposal. How many guys can say that :)

    Looking forward to seeing the SS in action. Though the American rifle co is needed for the push on Arhnem!!!

  2. Nice video tutorial! Thanks for the time for putting it up =)
    Now I know matte varnish will (in some way) prevent the wash to stick on it, and force the wash to gather in the recess, gotta try it.

  3. @doc: echo your sentiments..those tanks are way better than what I have at the moment..

    good job jeff!

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  5. Great work on the video. With more videos, you might have more followers on youtube than on your blog in the future. =)