Friday, May 7, 2010

One StuG Finished...?

To start, let me say that I'm reasonably content with this paintjob. It could work as is, but I'm thinking that more needs to be done. I'm going to start with a light/thin overspray of buff or some color like that, to dull it down a bit and make it a bit more dusty. The tracks need that as well. Nick, what would you do from this point to get it looking fantastic? Opinions and suggestions are more than welcome, and in fact encouraged folks. I AM going to figure out 15mm vehicles in this lifetime!

Last night I also put together all my Command Panzerfaust teams, and built a couple of Rifle/MG teams as well. Tonight I'll bulk up the bases on all of them with Apoxie Sculpt, and hopefully get to painting them this weekend.

In other news, I stumbled across this excellent scratch build at Ricalopia. It's an Imperial "Charon" Pattern ambulance. Check it out:

There are more pics at his blog. Once my FJs are done, I'm really looking forward to doing my own interpretation of a Flesh Tearers Stormraven. I've never done something I'd consider a genuine scratch build, and seeing stuff like the ambulance from Ricalopia or Blood Pact conversions done by Dave Taylor really gets my hobby juices pumping.

For those coming to Hobby Night, I'll see you this evening. If you can't make it this time around, have a great weekend...


  1. Very nice conversion...don't you think?
    My Punjabi Regiment is almost complete....soon it will be in action but I have to skip Marketgarden, I have to get back to Taiwan soon.

  2. Hey, thanks for the link, glad you like it!
    As for your StuG, I would recommend some weathering powder or possibly some drybrushing to bring out a weathered look. Maybe some chipped paint and muzzle soot as well.

  3. @Doc- Thanks dude. I can't wait to see your army on the table! :) No worries about Market Garden. Later this year we might do something with early war, or maybe doing a late war Italy campaign. Either way, we'll get something going while you're here so you can check out FoW properly.

    @Ricalope- Hey, many thanks! That scratch build is awesome, and I'm definitely keeping an eye on your blog from this point forward. Nicely done.

    Thanks for the tips as well- I'll give that a try :)

  4. Unfortunately you have already applied the decals. Anyway, you could try doing a very fine green filter after you have finished the base colours (ie. light airbrush of very diluted green/olive colour, 90% diluted) to tone the dunkelgelb and give it a more worn look. Also chipping (sponge technique) and weathering with assortment of powders will give it an even more battleworn look.

    As mentioned by Ricalope, applying soot on the muzzle and the exhaust will further help in making in look not factory fresh. Oh, and a very flat varnish...

  5. OK, I'll give those a whirl this evening...

  6. The weathering doesn't go over the decals? Won't the decals be too bright/clean if they don't get weathered as well?

  7. The filter goes on before the decals. The weathering goes on after the decals.

  8. Ahhh. Well, I could remove the decals easily enough. I'll give it a try

  9. Good effort Jeff, and it does look factory fresh. Nick's and Ricalope's inputs are more than I can say already. Looking forward to the finished vehicle