Sunday, May 23, 2010

SS Command HQ Finished

Huzzah! More progress...

I've finished the Command HQ portion of my Flames of War list- the company commander and his second in command. I used the same techniques as I did for the Sturmtigers, so it's really just a matter of keeping the work going and getting the remaining 8 panzers done. After that, the camouflaged infantry models... ugh.

Here some more pics of my new commanders- enjoy.


  1. I just saw those models a few minutes ago - in the flesh! nice work. You know your DKOK is going to look awesome with this kind of experience under your belt

  2. Thanks dude! At this point there's no question that Death Korps of Krieg is coming up next on the hobby calendar. I'll just wait until the Stormraven hits the shelves before finishing that army. These weathering techniques are just the skills I need to make the Death Korps look like I want them to!