Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FJ Progress Officially Started

I've been naughty, and haven't posted in a while. Let's get that trend nipped in the bud, shall we?

Most of my hobby time since my last post has been me learning how to get in trouble with Photoshop. I'm currently running a Battlefleet Gothic campaign, and part of what I'm doing for it is publishing a newsletter called "The Aquila". Thanks to learning some very basic stuff in Photoshop, and going over several online tutorials, I've been able to spice up The Aquila nicely. Rather than just post pics I've taken straight in the newsletter, I cut a vessel out of the pic and insert it into a suitably cool space backdrop. Thus far my favorite one is the image above. It's a strike cruiser painted by Soo Jinn that I cut out and added to the space field I made. I added "glowing" running lights to the ship as well, and I love how it came out. Over time I hope to get better and better at this.

Last night I FINALLY got started in earnest with my Fallschirmjager company. The first unit I'm painting is a battery of four StuG III D assault guns, and last night I got some nice progress done. I fired up the airbrush, and primed them in Tamiya Flat Black. I then airbrushed on a basecoat of Tamiya NATO Brown on all the armor areas and road wheels. Finally, I airbrushed Tamiya Dark Yellow on top of that to get a decent copy of the German dunkelgelb that all of the Hermann Goring training StuGs were painted during Market Garden.

Tonight, I'll paint the tracks, give them all a gloss varnish, apply decals, do final shading/weathering, and then wrap it up with a matte varnish. Of course, once they're all done I'll post some pics.

Anyone else here planning on painting up some FoW stuff for the upcoming Legio Market Garden campaign?


  1. Wow, good to know you're starting another project.
    Even marvellous to know when I realized you're also doing some other projects in progress (Flesh Tearers, Dark Elves, Catachans, Iyanden).

  2. I got 3 Cromwells and the Challenger for the Welsh Guards, and an additional Firefly to add to my Shermans to represent and Irish Guards tank platoon. I also got 2 Dauntlesses and 3 Swords for BFG. I will go back to my AirCav project after that, but FoW early war might be a big distraction

  3. @Vuel- Truth be told, the Dark Elves and Catachans are "C" priorities at this point, which means I have no real timetable for their completion at all. My Iyanden stuff is a "B", and I actually did make another 40mm base master the other day goofing around with plasticard and a scriber. My FJ's and Flesh Tearers are the absolute "A" top priority stuff, with FJ's on the clock to be done in time for the campaign. :) I have a feeling that after I get done with the Flesh Tearers, I might just ignore all of that and dive wholeheartedly into my Death Korps of Krieg.

    @Lan- I think both of us are going to do early war lol, but I'm copping out a bit and doing a French tank company :D

  4. Great news. I hope to see your FJ on the field of battle soon. I am working round the clock now to finish up my winter themed Panzer list. I have exactly a month to finish it for SPORECON....sighs

  5. 'I've been naughty, and haven't posted in a while.'.....any signs of junior?

  6. @Nick- Thanks dude- I really do want to have this done and nice looking. Hopefully the StuGs come out like I want tonight. I didn't get home until past 10 last night so no work was done on them. Good luck on your SPORE list!

    @Doc- Huh?