Friday, October 28, 2011

VIDEO- 40K Campaign "Ghemehaal: Annihilation" Turn 2

Today we'll be playing Turn 3 in the campaign, and here's our video update for all the Turn 2 action. Thanks for checking it out- comments and rates most welcome! :)


  1. Two thumbs up! You guys must have had a blast in Turn 2 ... go Chaos ... unspeakable acts indeed =)

  2. Another cool video dude!! Keep'em coming! Is your krieg going to see some action in the campaign?

  3. Cool stuff indeed :)

    Can't remember seeing a better quality production for a 40k campaign.

    You've outdone yourself again dude!!!

    The Imperial will strike back ...hehe

  4. Thanks guys- really appreciate you checking it out and for the feedback! :)

    Faizal, I doubt my Krieg get into the action. Taking notes, photos, videos, and running this this takes up a good chunk of time during hobby night. Maybe the final Apoc battle...? :)

  5. This is really too amazing to comment!!!