Thursday, August 25, 2011

Krieg Platoon Command Chimera Started

Considering I only hobbied for about two hours tonight, I got some reasonably good progress done:

1. Vallejo Grey Surface Primer

2. Tamiya Desert Yellow basecoat

3. Vallejo Model Air German Grey camo pattern

4. Future floor polish gloss finish

5. Masked off and sprayed black stripes

6. Masked off and sprayed white company and platoon command mark

The turret "1" in white was intentionally positioned slightly up from center to give me room to paint laurels underneath it. Unlike the rest of the platoon where turret number shows the squad, this "1 with a laurel" will show 1st Platoon command.

I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to get this done tomorrow except one: Deus Ex comes out tomorrow. I'm a big fan of the original and the remake seems to be seriously badass. I might lose a couple days Xboxing away with this new game.

Either way, this Chimera is well on its way to being done...


  1. I've gotten 0 hobbying done thanks to Deus Ex. So, hi5? ;)

    Love the minis btw! I've learned a lot of awesome hobbying tips following your blog. :)

  2. Like the stenciled numbers. Not such a huge fan of the black stripes (don't get me wrong, "stenciling" it is a great idea, I just would have liked thicker stripes :) )

  3. keeping my eyes peeled to see the way you go with this...

  4. dude, you're truly a're just simply way too fast for the rest of us to catch the way, I'm expecting to see another awesomely painted chimera..

  5. I foresee this will turnout awesome like the first few finished Chimeras. Keep it up dude!

  6. Thanks guys!

    @Joe- I'm playing the game now- hi5 indeed! :)

    Tristan I debated those stripes a lot, but in the end I like how they look. I can see your point though

  7. Anything special we can expect for the command chimera that would knock my fav engineers ride to 2nd place :)

    Keep rocking dude!!

  8. No, other than the laurel icon and a painted front glacis icon, there's nothing special about this one :) The only other "sexy" Chimera will be the overall command one

  9. Incredibly beautiful painting...