Sunday, April 7, 2013

Avenging Sons Scout Squad Done

Foolishly, I've entered myself into not one but TWO army painting challenges. However, I'm looking at this as a positive, since I'll get two done (assuming I don't blow it), and it keeps things fresh without grinding on one paint job too much. I had a lot of fun painting these guys- some airbrush work for the fatigues and armor, along with some brush work over Hobby Night last night. I'm really loving the Vallejo Liquid Metal range of metallic colors. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend you do!


  1. Very nice work on the faces. What two army painting challenges are you taking part in?

    1. The Legio Army Throwdown and the Penang Army Painter Challenge :)

  2. Well done on getting these done homes! The faces look awesome esp the sergeant.

  3. You are a beast! Quantity w quality too! Well done.

  4. Many thanks guys- I appreciate it! I've resumed working on my Sons of Horus Jetbike Squad now