Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Army- Orks!

This week I've started a 10 week project that will culminate in a fully painted Ork army- an army I've never painted before. While this might seem a bit out of the blue, as things sharpen up and get done down the line I think it'll make some sense. In the meantime, here's the basic list:

Ork Mekboy with Shokk Attack Gun

3x 20 Ork Boy Mobz, each with two big shootas and a power claw Nob

2x 3 Deff Koptas

10 Stormboyz led by Zagstruk

3 Deff Dreads

3 Killa Kans

That's about 1500 points. Later I'll add another Big Mek and another Deff Dread.

Starting tomorrow night, progress pics...!


  1. Great! looking forward to pictures.

  2. Looking forward to your Ork army. Perchance they be Goffs?

  3. would really like to see how did you manage to paint 15 orks in 1 week..

  4. I count around 70 small size model and 15 medium size, wow, 10 weeks... You need to hobby real hard dude! Lookin forward for the progress ^____^

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys! It's going to be a tough slog but it's going to get done!!

  6. This can only mean one thing... green eye candies in near future

  7. A bit late but good luck dude!!