Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moving Back to Flesh Tearers

Well, I've finally gotten some measure of "hobby mojo" back. I'm in my hobby room on a regular basis now, working on some stuff for work (Vietnam video tutorials), as well as some personal stuff- Flesh Tearers.

What you see above is my effort towards using a backpack that suffers from a rare plastic miscast. The spot occupied by the green stuff icon was an open hole, believe it or not. I don't have any spare backpacks, so I had to figure out a way to make this one work.

When I work with green stuff, I make a habit of taking whatever leftover putty there might be and rolling it into a sausage. I leave it aside to cure, and then add it to my "sausage bag". These sausages can be cut with a sharp knife to make some very nice chips that can work as wire/cable ports, rivets, or whatever. In this case, I made some tiny radial incisions into a chip of green stuff, and then made some angular cuts to make "teeth". As you can see I wasn't 100% successful at making these even. However, be kind, this pic is roughly 500% of actual size :)

I made the blood drop the same way- carefully trimming away material from a tiny triangle cut from green stuff. I think the effect works well enough, and now I have a cool usable backpack.

I got these guys done during Hobby Night last Friday, and I hope to get at least a couple more done today. We shall see...


  1. Nice to see you got the mojo back! that flesh tearer army will look awesome

  2. Looks very nice man. Really like the FT icon u made with the greenstuff. Really nice work there.

    Looking forward to fighting alongside a fellow later founding BA chapter ;)

    How models/points are u up to bro?

  3. Thus far I've painted 5 Assault Marines with jump packs, 7 Assault Marines without jump packs, and I'm about 90% done with a Chaplain with jump pack. This weekend I assembled another 4 Assault Marines with Jump Packs, primed them up, and finished the bases and black highlight. I expect to have them done by the end of the week, and in doing so my first squad done.

    I also built another Chaplain this weekend, without a jump pack. I switched his metal plasma pistol left arm for a plastic Death Company inferno pistol, and gave him one of the more ornate Death Company backpacks as well. He looks cool :)