Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Plan is in motion...

After some chastisement from Joe about not posting in my blog, I realized I have indeed been absurdly negligent. Ugh.

As many of you know, Legio Malaysia is hosting a 40K tournament on November 7th. We're allocating 30 slots for this thing, which means we need another five tables. I spent much of last night's Hobby Night sketching out some ideas, and I think I have them nailed down. Here's the general theme behind the five tables...

1) Nothing fancy, just another brown/grass scrub table to match the other two we already have. With three tables, we'll be able to combine them together for massive battles. These tables are also really nice for Warhammer.

2) A black table with greenish highlights, that will tell the story of an abandoned effort by the Adeptus Mechanicus (my boys!!!) to unearth Necron structures and artifacts. Think half-buired monolith, abandoned equipment, big crystals, and an abandoned Mechanicum redoubt of some sort.

3) A Cities of Death themed table- grey surface with lots and lots of scatter terrain in the form of burned out buildings, rubbish piles, barricades, etc. Not much line of sight on this table!

4) A promethium-refining table- "Mars Red" color, with scatter terrain of rocks, scrub, and open pools of oil. One or two of these pools will have adjoining mini-prothethium processors sucking out oil. The cool central terrain piece would be an elevated oil pipeline, with enough room under it to still fight & draw LOS. It will also have a gantry down the length of the pipeline top, so models can jump/climb up there for a better view.

5) A massive underground entrance to a Black Templars reclusiam. Think a row of Roman columns with statues of BT heroes on top, stalagmites/stalagtites, tile floor, partial cave collapse, etc. One short table edge will be the "entrance", and the entire front facade will be a BT ossuary containing the skulls of many BT heroes from the past.

What do you all think?


  1. oooh, i like the mars thing ... the BT sounds awesome too ... I noticed how you escalated from: brown/green grass, black/green necron to cityfight, then to mars, then to cave ... looks like some work ... shold be awesome

  2. Yeah, my ideas kept escalating as the night wore on. I think this is manageable as long as I keep track of the time and have a good plan.

    I also plan on seeing what I can farm out to Legio members for pre-assembly. The Cities of Death terrain is one place where it would be a big help...