Sunday, August 30, 2009

HRR 2- Day 4

Well, I didn't get anything at all done on Saturday other than mull over Azlan's and Ivan's suggestions to include Rhinos. Unfortunately, no painting or assembly was completed.

This morning, I played around with the numbers and came up with a new list that I'm liking the look of. In addition to including two Rhinos equipped with extra armor, I've also increased the list's dedication to Father Nurgle. Now, I have seven units of seven. Blessed plagues shall spread, and the sores of the victims shall flow with the benediction of pus...

From this point forward, I'll post this list every time I make a Hobby Rush Report (HRR). The boxes on the right indicate the number of models for each unit, and what the progress is.

White is no progress at all.

Yellow indicates that the model is at the assembled, primed, or basecoated stage.

Orange indicates that the model has been dipped.

Green indicates the model is completely finished and ready for battle.

Today, I'm popping by the factory and picking up the four models I dipped on Hobby Night: Lord Minthras, a Chaos Terminator, and two plague victims. Assuming they are completely dry, I'll finish them off tonight and post pics if possible...

Praise Nurgle, For I Shall Live Forever!!!

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  1. Looking forward to them pics ... and I really like this list! This is going to be one sweet army - well-painted, tough as nails on the game table and totally dedicated to papa Nurgle ...