Monday, August 17, 2009

Hobby Will Resume Tomorrow...

As many of my loyal readers know (lol), I jumped on a plane Friday evening and blasted off to Hong Kong for a business trip. After a brief night's respite, I trundled across the border into China and visited a few factories for the glory of Battlefront Miniatures. While I can't discuss what dark secrets I am privy to from these places, I can say that I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the final product! :) Ave Hobby!

Today I'm back in Hong Kong, taking in the sights and waiting for my good friend and colleague Andy Wu to get some paperwork done with the local govt- bureaucracy is a hoot. However, I'm thankful he needed to do this, because it's given me time to have a look around and check out the sights. I plan on visiting "Fun Atelier" today and taking a look at what they have on offer for my hobby bones. I also want to get more info on the 40K GT they have scheduled on their website for September 26th and 27th. Maybe someone from Legio would be interested in a "road trip" for this thing- who knows. Regardless, I'll get the scoop and add it to the wargaming events calendar on Legio Malaysia. You know- it's the one at the bottom of the page that you don't read.... Ha. Ha ha ha.

After getting some much needed time with my wife when I get back to Malaysia tomorrow, I wouldn't mind getting an hour of hobby in if I can safely squeeze it in. Probably assemble Catachans and/or Chaos Marines, or work on my master model for an Imperial chainaxe. That's for a future project, folks.

Wednesday evening I'll post some pics up of the new test models I painted last week but didn't photo, and solicit some opinions from you good people. Hobby or no, it'll be damn good to get back home to Malaysia...

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