Thursday, August 13, 2009

Late Night with the Folks

Unfortunately, I didn't get any hobbying done yesterday. Lena and I popped over to her parent's place for donuts and coffee, and ended up spinning tales much later than I expected. Oh well.

So, tonight the "repaired" Catachan and the Mk II Unclean model should both be totally ready for basing and matte varnish. I'll see if I can post up a few pics either tonight or tomorrow for comparison purposes.

I've also got some Legio hobbying coming up next week- I'm starting on the "Martian Refinery" table first. Table construction, framing, and sanding should take place next week if all goes well, and I don't expect the scatter terrain to give me too much trouble. I'm also on the prowl for mosaic or tile patterned linoleum or wallpaper- if any of you know a great place for that stuff in the Klang valley somewhere, let me know!

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