Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squad Gorsha Complete

Led by Gorsha, formerly Brother Sergeant Gorsha of the Angels of Redemption. Their standard bearer, Imsis, cut out his own eyes so he might hear Nurgle's whispers better and thus guide the squad to victory and damnation in equal measure. They have just deployed from their Rhino, "Bane of Angels".


  1. dude, that squad looks sweet! (in a smelly sort of way) ... i like the blue faces, nice contrast to the grime and general nastiness of the nurglites in general

  2. This is so demoralizing.
    Something so simple can look so amazing in such a short time. Where am I going wrong with my army?

    Awesome looking squad Jeff. The squad just comes together so Nurgly.

  3. You're not painting and dipping anything- that's your problem lol... Bring some white primed models with you Friday and I'll try and help you out yo