Monday, September 7, 2009

HRR 7- Day 11

Days Remaining: 25

Models Remaining: 43

It's been a productive long weekend thus far, and I'm not done yet! Here's what I've accomplished since my last HRR:

All remaining infantry models have been assembled.

Four more demons have been matte varnished, detailed, and based.

Chaos Predator matte varnished and detailed. Here's a few pics:

At a bare minimum today I want to finish base coating the first Chaos Rhino and several demons, and give them all the dip. If I have any time or gas left, I'll knock out as many Terminators as I can.

The goal is still in reach- just can't fall behind!


  1. dood, that pred is coming along sweet! becoming really good with that rust ... and this is before MIG dust?

  2. No, after. I've finished this beast, with the exception of some resin I need to pour in the back hatch.

  3. Wow! That's so awesome! I really like how it looks! Very inspiring!

  4. I like Predators.. and this one looks nice! What is your receipe for rust?

  5. After putting down a basic metal finish in whatever way you wish (I painted Boltgun Metal and then dipped it with the rest of the model), I stipple on random patches of Dark Flesh. Once that's dry I repeat the process with Vermin Brown, trying to focus on the areas most heavily covered with Dark Flesh. The last stipple, and the lightest, is with Solar Macharius Orange.

    With this Predator, I took the extra step of brushing on MIG pigments (Medium Rust and Light Rust) on several areas and then fixed it in place with MIG Pigment Fixer. Then the whole thing gets a matte varnish.

    That's it- you could skip the MIG pigments and it will still look quite good...

  6. I dont have Dark Flesh and Vermin Brown.
    Do you think Scorched Brown -> Bestial Brown -> Macharius Solar could work? Nevermind, i'll just try it out. Thanks.

  7. You can try those, but I don't think they have enough red in them to pull it off. Tell me how that combo works for you- maybe you'll find something new!