Monday, September 21, 2009

HRR 14- Day 24

Days Remaining: 12

Models Remaining: 29

Well, truth be told I'm a little behind where I want to be at this point. I'm HOPING that I can actually get the entire finished by this Friday the 25th. I'd love to play some test games before the launch of the league and the Arenxis Campaign. However, that's going to take some serious hobby dedication over this holiday week.

Since Hobby Night, I've been spending time with family for the most part. I did get a key piece completely basecoated and dipped- the Defiler. This was a relatively tough nut to crack, and I'm really glad it's almost behind me. Once the dip dries I just need to do some rusting and weathering, with a matte varnish. That will complete all of the vehicles in the army.

So, the bulk of the infantry remains. Tuesday and Wednesday will tell the tale, and determine whether or not I can play with my army this Friday. My plan for tomorrow is to finish the Chaos Terminator Squad, AND complete another squad of Plague Marines (basecoat and dip, of course). If I can do that, I can then paint the final Plague Marine squad and the final zombie squad Wednesday, and that will take care of everything. Easier typed than done, so wish me luck...


  1. looks like a stretch for this Friday, but looking at your progress chart, you do have more greens than yellows. And you do blaze thru infantry pretty fast with the dip. anyways, sounds like you did a bit more than me over the Raya. Really busy with relatives and all. My priority tomorrow will be to finisht the planetary empires counters and complete the rules pack

  2. Good work with the Defiler and progress over the holidays. I have done nothing at all. Been busy with weddings and family. But aiming to do the Termies this week before hobby night. Wish me luck.