Thursday, September 3, 2009

HRR 5- Day 8

Days Remaining: 28

Models Remaining: 49

Tonight was a MUCH better progress night for me- the kind of night that I need to repeat as often as possible if I'm going to be successful with this hobby rush. Here's what I got done:

Spray primed white 14 Plague Zombies

Basecoated and dipped 4 Plague Zombies

Basecoated and dipped the Chaos Predator

I have to say that the dip is fairly effective with vehicles, but you have to watch and make sure you don't let the stain pool on flat surfaces (unless, like me, you're trying to make the vehicle look oily and dirty). The dip is definitely more suitable for individual miniatures for a wider range of applications. I'd only ever use the dip on vehicles if the vehicle in question was going to be heavily weathered, a wreck, or filthy like Nurgle.

The Chaos Terminator Icon Bearer from yesterday is still not quite dry unfortunately, so I couldn't finish it this evening and show you all a picture. However, it will most certainly be dry tomorrow, and I'll be taking him to Hobby Night for matte varnish and basing. If I can just keep this consistent effort up, I'll get this 1750 point army done in time for a fully painted league debut. Rock!

Keep it stinky,


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