Saturday, September 5, 2009

HRR 6- Day 9

Days Remaining: 27

Models Remaining: 48

This report is actually a recap of yesterday's hobby activity- a good hobby night for sure.

I only got one model completely finished, the Chaos Terminator squad's icon bearer. Check him out...

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and it's more progress on perhaps the toughest squad I have to paint. The new Chaos Terminator models are awesome, but they have a lot of detail that's making the basecoat stage take longer than it does for my Plague Marines or zombies.

For hobby night, I built, primed, and started to basecoat the first Chaos Rhino, "Bane of Angels". It uses extra armor plates I designed, and I think they look pretty good. I also painted half the Rhino green, and only details remain now for the basecoat before I give it the "dip"

Today, I've gloss varnished the Chaos Predator with a spray for some further detailing. I'll be using an oil-based umber paint and MIG pigment powders to add more rust and weathering effects before I matte varnish it. I also need to paint the sores and worms that I sculpted on the hull. I'm planning to have that all finished by the end of the day today.

I also matte varnished four plague zombies with "Mr Surfacer" flat spray. The results are just as good as the Tamiya spray. I'll base up the zombies today, and that'll be five more models that will come off the remaining list. Huzzah!

This long weekend I'm planning to get some serious hobbying done. I'll keep chronicling my progress, hopefully drawing ever closer to the completion of this Chaos Space Marine army....


  1. I saw that guy emerge from the paint - nice ... looking forward to the Rhino and Predator pics ... btw, what's the surface the termie is sitting on? is that just a table? looks good here

  2. He's sitting on top of a stool lol... come to think of it that WOULD look good as a table surface. Hah!