Sunday, September 27, 2009

HRR 15- Day 30

Days Remaining: 6

Models Remaining: 15

This is it. The home stretch!

In reality, I have the last Plague Marine squad to go. I basecoated the bases of the Terminator Champion and the second Plague Marine squad. Tomorrow after work I'll drybrush the bases, glue static grass, and paint the rims black on all of them. That will effectively leave me with 7 models to go.

Since I need to leave 2 days for the dip drying time, that essentially leaves me Monday and Tuesday to get the last squad basecoated. If I can, I'm going to try and knock all of that out tomorrow and be done with it. I'll keep updates going here. It feels great being almost done with this project- it's been a long time since I planned and executed a real "hobby rush"...


  1. Your army is uber inspiring and the minis, magnificent. Here's to the final stretch. Can't wait to see the whole army in all it's glory.

  2. and the Ravenwing awaits fo the outcome on friday. it shall be a battle of epic proportions ... beauty vs pestilence! For the Emperor!

  3. The last stretch is always the most difficult. I know you can do it though, so don't give up just yet :D

  4. @Ivan- Many thanks dude. Your conversions are looking awesome, and it's great to see that you've finally started painting and dipping as well.

    @Azlan- Yeah dude, it's appropriate that the first battle will feature two classic antagonists. I'm stoked!

    @Firaya- I'm nowhere near giving up at all. In fact, I'm also trying to get a couple of Chaos Spawn done as well, along with a Sorceror in Terminator armor. Someone will have to take over from the mortal side of things once Lord Minthras earns his daemonhood! Thanks for the encouragement- cheers