Saturday, September 19, 2009

HRR 13- Day 22

Days Remaining: 14

Models Remaining: 29

Well, I have to say I was expecting a little more out of my Hobby Night time. I only got two Plague Marines basecoated and dipped, and I'm a little over halfway done basecoating my Defiler. I really thought I was going to finish that model last night, but I sorely underestimated the amount of effort and detail in it. The next Defiler I build and paint will be done MUCH differently, believe me.

I'm slightly behind in my "two models per day" pace, but the numbers are a little deceiving. The last 7 zombies are only about 45 min to an hour's work, and two of the models unaccounted for have been dipped and just need to get dry.

Things are looking good. I keep this up, and I will be good to go for the league and the Arenxis Minoris Campaign...

Keep it Stinky

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  1. was it only two? For some reason I thought you did more than that ...