Thursday, December 29, 2011

1000 Points in Ten Days- Yippee!!

It's been a while since I went on such a hobby tear- probably the Iyanden Eldar army I painted comes the closest to so much assembled and painted in such a short period of time. While I'm not going to win any painting awards with this introductory force, the nice urban rubble bases from Battlefront make up for a multitude of sins! This weekend I'll get a full M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon done, along with an Assault Gun platoon of three M8 Scott tanks. That will get me close enough to 1500 points. If that works, I'll finish the army next week with a full battery of M12 155mm GMC SP artillery pieces. That will give me exactly 1750 points for the army, and should make a nice finish (at least for the time being).

Tomorrow's Turn 2 of our Market Garden campaign. This time, I get to play with MY OWN army.



  1. Nicely done dude!

    I know they're not finished yet but to paint a table top standard 1k in that time is amazing!!
    Those new pre-holed bases are gems.

    So we're bumping our force up to 1750.... :(

    Cant wait to see how the do tonite!!

  2. Well, I'm getting mine up to that point anyway. 1000 is the minimum but I thought a little bigger couldn't hurt :)

  3. A fully painted army in 10 days?! Dahsyat.. dahsyat..

  4. good looking army which is also fun to play with..thanks for the game dude!

  5. holy crap that is one inpmressive army!

    how does the army perform? Seems like a great little starter army

  6. Thanks guys. It did very well in the campaign!