Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crash Project: FAIL!

Ah well, I didn't make it.

I knew the chances of getting it done were slim to none, but I can honestly say I gave it a shot. Over the course of four after work evenings, I got the following done:


2x Full Armored Rifle Platoons

In addition, I got all the vehicles basecoated with my airbrush.


Armored Rifle Company Command HQ, including additional Bazooka Team

Platoon of 4x M4A1 Sherman tanks

Between the assembled and finished models, this is the entire initial 1000 point force. All things considered, it's not a bad effort at all. I've got some models I can borrow for tomorrow's Market Garden launch, and I think with a holiday weekend's effort I can get the remainder of my first 1000 points knocked out. I'm thinking of a Priest battery and a recon section to round out 1500 points.

Until next time...


  1. dude, you've tried, it's the effort that counts..and the ones that you've managed to paint looks good too..

  2. Bro, Feel free to use my British Indians to make up your points.

  3. The effort spent and the quality paintjob is a great sucess nevertheless.

  4. Its waaaaay more progress than I have made on my Americans!

  5. Those shermans looks really nice.
    U really must finish this army!!

    And be careful if ur contemplating using
    Doc's army....they're more likely to form
    a union 1st haha :)

  6. @Khairul- V vant more ruppees! *Head nodding*