Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Progress: FoW Armored Rifle Company

Well, the army's not done yet, but a mighty blow has been struck towards that end. Over the weekend I completely finished one of my Armored Rifle Platoons, including all the half tracks. All that remains now is one more platoon and I've got a fully painted 1000 point force. I have no doubt I'll get this done before Friday's Turn 2 of Market Garden. The question is whether I can get a Tank Destroyer Platoon and something else painted to get me up to 1500 (at least). I'll give it crack! Happy Holidays everyone- I hope your own projects are coming along like you want them to. I'll leave you here with a couple of shots of my completed platoon. Huzzah!!


  1. Nicely done!!
    Yr making good progress there.
    The basing are very nice. Will hv
    to do somethg similar fr my nxt
    Btw i'd really suggest u get d anti
    tank pltn done :)

  2. Oh yes, the M10s are the very next thing on the list, esp. since I can't add 76 Shermans to my list :(

  3. Nice work! Never been all that into FoW but these are great, perhaps I'll have to pick a few up sometime.

  4. Very nice.. it gives different atmosphere than Khairul's. more like.. Deathkorps feel. Like it very much

  5. I still can't imagine myself painting that much infantry..nicely done dude!

  6. Agree with Khairul ... the basing is indeed nicely done. The half-tracks look cool too. Somehow, they remind of the old COMBAT TV shows back in the day.

  7. I can't take too much credit for the bases- those are standard Battlefront urban rubble plastic bases. I can't recommend them enough- they look great and make basing stands much easier!