Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nada Mucho

Didn't do much of anything hobby-wise, other than complete the "plucking and sticking" process for all ten trays of my Feldherr backpack. I can confirm that 100% of my Iyanden army fits into this thing, with a bit of room to spare for a squad of Harlequins and maybe a Vyper. At least I've found a use for this case, but in the future I think Battlefoam is the way to go.

Tonight, I definitely will start painting Battlemechs, as well as a test model for a side project army I'm going to do in conjunction with undisclosed parties. Yes, that's right, a SECRET project. Ooooooo! More on that later, for those interested.

In the meantime, tune in tomorrow night for Battlemech pics, as well as the lively hobby banter you've come to expect from the glorious pages of Adeptus Malaysia...


  1. Another? lol I've never done a secret one here before! We just want to get everything worked out before we chat about our little project... ;)

  2. Jumpin jiminy batman!!!! A secret project!!!