Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HRR 17, Day 31

Days Remaining: 11

Models Remaining: 24

Work. Eat. Paint. Sleep. Repeat.

That's been the story folks, especially as the end of this competition grows closer and closer. No TV. No video games. No oogling ForgeWorld tank porn. No mercy. No forgiveness. There is only Iyanden, and I paint it.

Tonight was a fantastic progress night. I started the night by assembling the third and final squad of Wraithguard. Those resin bases sure saved me time I would have otherwise spent with plasticard, a compass, and some knives.

After finishing the squad, I immediately put them away and resumed painting the second squad. Excellent progress was made...

They say no plan survives contact with the enemy, but tonight was a rare exception. I did manage to do exactly what I wanted:

1) Paint all tabards GW Regal Blue
2) Paint 2d squad markings on said tabards in VMC White
3) "Gem Out" the spirit stone and wraithcannon gems of all models (70 in all) by painting them GW Blood Red, GW Scab Red, GW Macharius Solar Orange, and VMC White

I cannot complain.

In addition, the night was made even more awesome with a change of musical pace to Queensryche. These guys are totally awesome. Listening to Rage for Order reminded my of my high school days, painting Ral Partha figs and listening to the cassette with one of those yellow waterproof Sony Walkmans. You know, the one with the locking lid that totally kicked ass. I leave you with an excellent track from that album, and my best wishes to your own hobby endeavors, whatever they may be...


  1. Queensryche!!! dude, i think you inhaled more than the USDA recommended daily dose of iyanden dark sun ... lol

    Your progress is amazing. I think the last time I was on a burn like that was for my Ravenwing more than a year ago ... keep it up dude!!

  2. LOL mebbe so, but that doesn't make Queensryche any less cooler!

    Thanks for the kind words. The end here is a bit of a grind, but hopefully over the next four days I can break the back of this army and get it done in time for Friday gaming next week...!