Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two More Krieg Troopers Done!

All that remains to finish the first complete squad is the heavy bolter team, which I'm going to start on next week. After that, I'll be converting and painting their Chimera transport.

For Krieg!


  1. nice!!! the detail on those troopers are amazing, and having seen you assemble them at hobby nite, i just know how fiddly those awesome looking bayonets can get. Looking forward to the Chimera now!

  2. Yeah I've got some ideas for the Chimera's NBC protective gear that I hope will be cool :) However, first I want to do the Heavy Bolter team, so I can FINALLY say with hand on heart that I've painted a full squad! :)

  3. wow....those r really nice close ups.

    They really do justice to the models i saw last hobby nite. Can i bring my camera this week so that we can have a tutorial photo session?

    also we need to continue the 40K history discussion this week dude :)!!! Thanks for enightening me bro!!!
    Let's hope my sea cargo arrives before that so we can discuss on our next project ;)