Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chimera Paint Job Started

Just finished the basecoat and camo pattern (needs a bit of touchup actually), and masked off/painted the ID stripes. I'm still not 100% convinced that this is the final scheme, but I'm going to go ahead and completely finish the paint job before I pass final judgement. Basecoat is Tamiya Desert Yellow airbrushed over Mr Surfacer Light Grey Primer, with VMC German Grey camo stripes. ID bands are Tamiya White.

Next two pics are a bit random- a Chaplain I painted up a while back for a White Consuls army project that never really got off the ground. The Serpent's Lair, one of my favorite 40K forums, is running an HQ painting contest and I thought I'd make this my entry. Unfortunately, I don't have an Alpha Legion HQ choice painted up, so this will have to do.

Not a whole lot of hobby tonight- the Chimera paint job was started yesterday during the Wesak Day public holiday here. I'll resume work on it tomorrow evening assuming I feel up to it. Until then...


  1. That camo really works well on the chimera. looking forward to seeing the cool custom turret on this

  2. Yeah i want to see that turret all painted up as well :)!!