Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Chimera Progress

Got some more progress done with my Chimera tonight. I got rid of the horrible white ID stripes without too much trouble. While I had the airbrush out, I went ahead and painted the searchlight. I'm pleased with the result- all I had to do afterwards was paint on a couple of small white spots for reflection. Good times.

Here's a profile shot as it stands right now:

Below is what I'm thinking of doing for the identification markings. "15" is for the 15th Company, the black color is for 1st Platoon, and the "1" on the turret is for 1st Squad.

Thoughts? Comments? This look cool to you...?


  1. wow, that searchlight is amazing!

  2. I agree with vuel, that searchlight looks awesome! Well the whole Chimera looks awesome!