Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Vallejo AFV Acrylic Techniques DVD

This past weekend I took a mini vacation in Singapore with my lovely wife. Besides all the "luvvy duvvy" couples fun stuff, I made a stop at "Storm Domain". This place is a serious modelling shop, and inside they showed me a couple of DVDs that I quickly scooped up. Both are great, but this Vallejo DVD in particular warrants a quick review on this blog.

Most of the modellers I know only work with acrylic paints. There are pros and cons to this approach, but for the most part it boils down to what we have been introduced to. Most of us in the Legio crowd have been building and painting GW models, and have been using acrylics to paint them. Keeping that in mind, this is a MUST HAVE DVD for anyone serious about painting tanks. It covers in great detail the following things:

Airbrush techniques, including new airbrush-ready primers Vallejo has released. Say goodbye to smelly, fume ridden, outdoor only spray cans!

Paint chipping


Fading & Rust

Dust & Dry Mud

Painting Tracks

Oil Stains

...and more, including a great clip at the end of an actual Panzer II driving around!

I've watched this twice already, and I have absolutely learned some new things that I will be adding to my arsenal of tank madness with upcoming projets (in particular Krieg)

The DVD takes you start to finish painting a German Panzer II, including hyper-detailed weathering and finishing at the very end. Every technique and product it features is a water-based acrylic product. No oils. No enamels. No turpentine or other smelly chemicals. Just stuff that most of us have used or would use at one time or another.

If this sounds like your cup o' tea, I recommend you get yourself this DVD. Storm Domain are happy to ship to Malaysian customers, and Maelstrom carries this DVD in stock as well. Either way, grab it. You won't regret it.


  1. Singapore has some excellent places for scale modelling and gaming as well, I did visit exctensively at my last visit (and gundam stuff everywhere!). I agree, most people especially into warhammer only use acrylics since they don't know any better really. I've recently started using oil colour (just for washes though) and I have to say it's the superior medium for this kind of effect. However knowing the basics of acrylics pretty well is very important before you move into new materials/tecnhiques. Thanks for the review I will definitely check this out :)

  2. Nice review dude. I remember having an aircraft modeling painting technique vcd a long time ago.

    Have always loved watching tutorials :)

    How long does the dvd go for?

  3. Agreed that oils can't be beat for some effects, but as you say knowing the acrylic "equivalents" is a VERY useful thing. I can honestly say this is the best tutorial DVD I've seen yet for advanced painting techniques.

    The video runs for about an hour :)

  4. interesting ... i started with enamels because back in those ancient times, that's all you had ... there was a period when I had sets of both types. But i'm pretty much lazy now and almost exclusively use acrylics. this should be interesting to check out