Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Pics and Video Coming Soon

I've got my light tent set up, and it's yielding MUCH better pics!

Why pictures of my basecoated Leman Russ WIP? Well, I cringe to say this, but I'm going to pull another hobby "flip flop" and resume work on my Death Korps of Krieg. I'm really excited about the recent DVD tutorials I've watched, and I've got an idea for a DKoK "Missile Launcher" in the works as well.

I know, I know. Don't pelt me with too many e-stones. What can I say? This is my fun time, I don't have a tourney coming up, and I want to work on my Death Korps! :P

So, at tomorrow's Hobby Night I will be bringing a trooper to paint, and a heavy weapons team to assemble and start painting. Once those are done, I'll have a full 10 man squad finished. Huzzah! After that, it's Leman Russ time...

Whatever your views on my wishy-washy hobby work, whaddya think of the new pics?


  1. Pics look good man.

    Need to make another trip to your hobby room sometime and have a proper look. Want to see this light tent.

  2. DKK back online? that's awesome!!!! then we really need to have an IG vs Chaos Apoc!