Friday, April 9, 2010

POLL: Sanguinary Guard... Yes or No?

Hmmm. Now I'm not so sure about Sanguinary Guard.

When I first saw them, I thought they were beautiful models that had no place in my Flesh Tearers army. Too...beatific. Now though, after seeing this Flesh Tearers scheme on the GW Blog with the black wings, they seem like they might just be sinister enough with the right paint scheme.

So, please take a vote in the poll to the right and tell me what you think. I'm on the fence!


  1. I'm all for 'aye'. When I first saw those wings I was like - paint them black!

  2. I would say yes. They will be known as the Angels of Death then... Haha.

  3. them wings are nice, i vote yes!

  4. dude that black wing is sexay !!

    far off from their golden gay bros

    do eeet

  5. Definitely do it dude! Those wings look wicked and fit the theme.

  6. Looks like the vote is in- let's add some Sanguinary Guard to the Flesh Tearers! :)