Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chaos Fleet is Finished

As you can see, I got "Vitae Corruptus" finished, along with the escorts for my fleet. This allows me to play a 2200 point standard game, or have a 2K campaign fleet no problem. The Chaos fleet has been officially finished- HUZZAH!

This week I'm starting the first 1K of my Flames of War Fallschirmjager force for the upcoming "Market Garden" campaign. Stay tuned here for some painted pics :)


  1. It's plain awe inspiring bro!

    You warships looked supremely chaos, as fitting to the Arenxis Minoris fluff, the Unclean attacked from the orbit while Alpha Legion attacked from within.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments bro- I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR fleet all painted up!

  3. nice! can't wait for our first campaign clash ... on that table too!

  4. Awesome painting as always dude. Like the rust effect n your color choices really fits the nurgle theme.

    well done!!

  5. I'll get mine all painted by next week..this hobby night, by the look of things, they'll only be primed I think..

  6. Awesome guys- Friday is gonna be cool...

  7. Sweet jesus! thats 2kpts more campaign fleet than i have! not for long (thank gods) but still...

    love the paintwork BTW. Avoid those asteroids.

  8. How did you do the bases for your BFG ships?

    1. I cheated an used a laser to make them, but you don't need one necessarily to make that. On the underside of the base, decal/paint/airbrush+mask the ship name, and then flip some white paint on there to get dots for the stars. Then paint over the whole thing with black paint, and cover that with felt to protect the paintjob and make it that much more 'pro'. The base will look great