Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Early Night, But Cool Nonetheless

Well, as all the local folks at Legio know, we have a new BFG table. It's sweet, and I think my fleet is damn sexy on it! ;)

I didn't get a game in, as I left early, but I'm sure as hell getting one in this Friday. This week I'll finish the large planet and the rest of my fleet, so I can move on my Flames of War Germans and my Flesh Tearers. Tune in this week for more pics and news on both...


  1. Your fleet is awesome man! And this coming hobby nite will be pure bfg madness. We have more jumping on the bandwagon :)

    Gonna have to do more demo games.

  2. You going to post the other pics of your fleet? :) i just realized my latest post on Legio didn't have a pic of your fleet in it! my bad! it shall be rectified ... looking forward to Friday!

  3. Once I get my entire fleet done this week, I'm taking more pics and then I'll post them all up together.