Thursday, April 22, 2010

Night Out = Not Much Progress

Well, I didn't end up doing any painting last night. My wife and I decided to head out for the evening, and had a fantastic meal at one of my favorite restaraunts. If you have a chance and have never tried it, pop by Sunway Pyramid and have a meal at "Mantra". It's one of the restaraunts overlooking the ice skating rink. They have a wide variety of stuff to eat, but the Indian food is tops. I love it.

Despite not painting, I did actually assemble another part of my force. My Light Gun Platoon is now assembled, equipped with the LG 40 75mm recoilless gun (pictured above).

Tonight I need to work on BFG campaign stuff, including the sub sector map I'll be posting online, as well as a campaign results form. I doubt I do any painting, but if somehow I manage it I'll try and post some pics.

For those following my progress with the Flesh Tearers, don't despair. I have by no mean abandoned them. With our Market Garden campaign coming up, I just want to get at least a playable, fully painted 1000-1500 point FJ list done. I really hate playing with unpainted miniatures! As soon as that's done, 100% of my hobby effort will go into finishing my savage Blood Angel successors...


  1. food is always good! especially with the wife :) ... i didn't paint either last nite. Took kids out to dinner, and had a quick climbing session.

  2. I just realized that I have not yet painted "Destroyer of Virtue"! DOH! I guess I'll be painting that tonight...

    While I'm at it I'll try and paint up some escorts for that blockade run scenario (just in case...)

  3. I didn't do any painting either. Coz my paints and brushes and models and other hobby stuff have been taken by the courier company.

    They told me there'll be a delay and the boxes will reach me on the 20th earliest :(

  4. Well Khairul, just make sure you keeping blogging. We definitely want to know what you and Faizal are up to. Among other things, we expect to see a Legio Thailand site go up!!!!

  5. I had to paint the Aegis Defense lines for Alvin's shop. am just helping him with some scattered terrain for his shop.

  6. He's lucky to have you helping him with that!