Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You know what, let's try something besides 40K for the next Hobby Report

Howdy folks!

After much consideration, I've decided that instead of immediately leaping into Flesh Tearers or Iyanden Eldar I'm going to do something else. I saw that GW put up preorders for the new Skaven stuff, and it all looks fantastic. Warhammer is a great game, and I think it's time for a new army. Dark Elves!

I love the new model range for them, particularly the Cold Ones. I've played VC for too long now, and I need some variety. I also want to play an army that's actually painted well, and my VC definitely do not tick that box. So, the next series of Hobby Reports will detail the progress of my brand spankin' new Dark Elf army.

I currently have a Battalion box, a Dreadlord, and a couple of Reaper Bolt Throwers. So, I'll start will building and painting that stuff up first. I also want a Cold One Chariot and some Witch Elves (pictured above- so naughty!). After that I'll play it by ear with some test games and careful thought. The goal is to get this done before the end of the year. It's not a Hobby Rush, but it is a fairly tight timeline for a Warhammer army. Progress starts tonight, and I'll post regular updates like I did with The Unclean. I'm working on a 1K list first so I can play some small games ASAP- that list goes up tonight as well.

Until next time...

Keep it Evil


  1. I know what's coming after my AirCav - O&G!

  2. Since the WFB tourney, i only manage to play 2 more games with my DE. The last game saw me being slapped silly by Paxter's Undead (again!)hahaha! On the other table, Doc's Ogre was fighting Iz's Empire. It was a fine hobby night.

    As another DE player, I'm looking forward to your DE hobby report.

  3. Yeah, I figure once I get this done we can play a Mighty Empires campaign at Legio or something. Maybe make it escalating so people (like me) cna start off with smaller armies...