Thursday, October 1, 2009

I WILL have my Chaos Sorceror!

Despite the fact that the waist of my Sorceror Terminator is gone/missing, I still really want to add Eulikules to The Unclean. So, I decided the change the hobby agenda a little. My Mom has always told me, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." So, instead of moping about the lost Terminator, I decided to go for an all plastic Sorceror with Wings.

Components are from the Chaos Marine frame, Terminator Lord frame, Possessed Frame, and the power sword arm from the Space Marine commander frame. I also sculpted some runes on the power sword blade, thus converting it into a force sword. Before you say anything, no, the runes aren't that great. Hopefully a good paint job will cover my sculpting sins up. He he he...

The base is 40mm- I really wanted to do a scenic base for this guy. I used the aquila from the command vehicle accessory sprue, some slate, and Apoxie sculpt. I'll paint the base with the same basic palette I used for the rest of The Unclean, and I'll paint the half buried aquila pretty rusty/defiled.

The model should look cool- I'll paint him up this weekend and have him ready for campaign games the next Hobby Night...


  1. Can't wait to see how the wings will look under the dip process. The additional contours on the wings will enhance the look a lot I reckon.

  2. dude, that works! he must be pissed off that someone nicked his termie suit! maybe the armor just rotted away? :) ... nice save

  3. I like those wings. I've made a Winged Lord with the same wings. He has seen 2 games in which he was killed in both hahaha.

    Do you know the FAQ about wings? They still count as Infantry instead of Jump Infantry. Which means they can fold their wings and hitch a ride inside a Rhino/LR, safe from enemy fire.
    Nice gift it is.

  4. Wow, thanks for telling me about that wings/jump infantry thing. I just looked it up and what you say is correct. That's pretty damn cool!