Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slow Week

Well folks, not a lot of hobby has been done since my last post, truth be told. I did finish issue 3 of The Aquila, the Arenxis Minoris campaign newsletter. Don't forget to call your local phrenologist, yo.

Today I got a package in the mail that was long overdue- the Space Wolves codex. Personally, I think the Space Wolves are the lamest of the "big" chapters. This codex might change my mind, though. It's sweet. And I notice that there's a lot of bits on the new accessory sprue that I can use for my Flesh Tearers. One bit I noticed in particular is the pair of hands set up to hold a two handed weapon. This would make my chain-glaive conversion for Captain Gorn A LOT easier. There are also several bare heads that could work for the feral, tribal look I'm going for.

Have no fear, I'll get some pics posted up soon of the Dark Elves, and a Flesh Tearer test model is inevitable at this point. It's gonna be a cool project...


  1. ya, I can relate. I've yet to pick a brush this week. I've actually blocked off tonite for some hobby time, and hopefully nothing comes up last minute to spoil that.

    The new space wolves sprue is nice. I especially like the termies. I think some of the heads would do well for flesh tearers, though IMHO, the guys with the facial hair won't quite fit in

  2. Yeah, the facial hair dudes don't work for me so much either. But there are several I can use that will be nice- either way it'll be worth it to pick up one of those boxes. Mebbe I can do a trade with the remaining bits that are too "wolfie" for more bare heads and two-handed weapon arms...