Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eulikules Done

Not the greatest picture I know- I don't have my tripod and the light levels are low. However, I will get one done Friday on one of the gaming tables. Fer shizzle.

So, I just need to finish his familiar, and three more Chaos Spawn if possible for Friday. I'm almost done with my first Dark Elf test model- he should get done tomorrow.

That's it for this hobby day! Hopefully Eulikules fares better than Lord Minthras in the campaign. We'll see!


  1. that was quick! can't see very well in the pic, though the wings are obviously nice and chosen :) ... looking forward to have a good look at the guy on Friday ... i haven't got any hobby done this week :(

  2. nice one jeff! i wanna see the Dark Elf test model too..

  3. Same here.. can't see it clearly. Reminds me of Batman. Nice!

    What is it with the strange name?