Wednesday, January 4, 2012

M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon DONE

At last, my 1500 point American Flames of War army is DONE! Well, pretty much. I could certainly play with the models as is for a 1500 point match and be completely rep/painted. However, like I mentioned in a previous post, I really need to do up some LMG bases to take advantage of the "Dismounted MGs" American special rule. So, I'll do those tomorrow. Tonight, however, it's all good. After getting those pesky MGs done tomorrow, I'll be able to move on to my next project of the 40K variety. Stay tuned for my next post- I've got some new fangled "3D printed" goodies to show you guys....


  1. Wow, you guys are really on hardcore painting mode, its like every other day there is a gorgeous lookin FoW minis been painted.

    Lookin good, man!

  2. Gotta be done to play in the campaign! :) One more day of painting madness and I can dial it down a notch or 10 ha ha ha...

  3. @me: why don't you join us?

    @deathkorps: two thumbs up!

  4. Nicely done man :)
    Well done indeed. Those tank hunters are
    really nice models and you've painted them
    really nice.
    We should do a tag team game
    against our 2 guys hehe.
    Now that would be awesome!!

  5. @Vuel : Thanks for the invitation but I guess I can't jump on the FoW bandwagon for the moment, too many stuff pile up already T__,T

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