Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Krieg Platoon Command Squad Done

Finally, I've finished the squad. I got distracted, and the banner took longer than I expected (and I'm still not entirely happy with it!). Nonetheless, I'm trying to paint an army here, so I'm going to call this done. They'll look just fine on the table.

In other Krieg news, once I've finished this first 1750 points, I will be painting a plastic Baneblade kit for the army. This was a gift from my boss back when this kit was brand new- about damn time it gets done!

Today Soo Jinn, a good friend and mentor of mine here, gave me some Krieg mortars as a gift. Thanks dude! In addition, for a hefty discount, he also passed to me this:

For those of you who don't know, this is a Macharius super-heavy tank, armed with the devastating Vulcan Mega-Bolter. It is a truly badass resin kit, and I've now got a brand new one. This will get built and painted in the same desert camo by the time Ghemehaal: Annihilation rolls around to the final Apocalypse battle. I can't wait! Soo Jinn, thanks once again for the hook up. You truly are the man! Folks, this dude is a hobby nutter. If you've never checked out his blog, I highly recommend you do so by following this link. The dude is a rockstar!

That's it for tonight, folks. Tomorrow I'll get started on painting the platoon command's Chimera transport. With any luck, that should only take a couple of days. After that, it'll be painting a Leman Russ, and from there another infantry squad. Gotta push this thing- only five weeks left! :O


  1. nice models, as always..and monster superheavies to see on the other side of the battlefield..
    gotta push myself further, been lagging behind..

  2. Great job! The Krieg really coming along nicely. Looking forward to see this in the flesh. Hand painted banner yes?

    And the Macharius! sweet!

  3. Thanks guys! The banner is painted, but all the detail is sculpted on there. I just painted it up, and added a '15th' decal to the shield.

    After the main force is done, the Macharius will be the first superheavy I paint :)

  4. Wow that's really nice. I would really love to see all the models in this unit. Of course the knelling vox caster gets my vote until such time.

    Great job as always dude!!!

  5. LOL you ARE seeing all the guys in the unit dude. The platoon command squad only has five guys in it :)