Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sisters Squad Assembled

First off, I apologize for the icky pic. I'm using my phone for blogging at home until I get my internet hooked up at my new pad.

I got the squad and a couple extra figs cleaned up and mounted on temporary painting bases. Once I basecoat and dip, I'll move them to a painted resin base.

I'm on track for the Kindred tourney- how about you?


  1. quite behind schedule a bit, but still within reach (I hope, hahaha)

  2. I need to paint faster. It took me an hour per model to basecoat my Eschers last nite! And tomorrow I'm off to Phuket for a few days. Next week, I've canceled all my running and climbing and all that stuff so that I make sure I have the time to finish basecoating all 35 infantry and the tank by Wednesday, and dip on Thursday, and use hobby nite to finish the bases and finishing touches

  3. Word up! It's Kindred Krunch Time!!!!

  4. Only got 7 lootas to go. Tonight I'll be done assembling and spraying them white before I start painting them.

    I have more than enough time, so I'm OK.

  5. Dude, i am so looking forward to seeing those sisters all painted up and ready for Kindred. Don't forget your cool objective markers. Are they done btw?