Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iron Painter List Finalized

After getting my new hobby room (mostly) set up, I went through all of the Space Marine models I currently have. After comparing that list against what I need for Iron Painter, here is the Flesh Tearers force I'll paint this Saturday:

Captain (AoBR SM Captain)

10x Assault Marine Squad (Troops)

5x Assault Marine Squad (Troops)

5x Veteran Assault Marine Squad (Elites)

Furioso Dreadnought (Optional)

Dread Drop Pod (Optional)

This will be a nice start to my Flesh Tearers, with enough variety to not make things too boring. I'm using the AoBR Captain as my mandatory HQ choice because:

A) I don't have a Librarian model handy

B) My Seth conversion is not done

C) My Chaplain is almost fully painted

I'm doing the Veterans because I have a squad of Vanguard Assault Marines from the Space Marine boxed army release, and I have only 19 unpainted Assault Marines. Since the squad size can only be 5 or 10 for the Assault squads, my options became limited for making a legal list.

So, there you have it folks. This will be a tough nut to crack without a doubt, but I think the reward will be well worth it. Having a brand new Flesh Tearers army complete (or almost complete) when the new Blood Angels codex arrives in a month or so will be awesome! :)

Good luck to everyone this Saturday!


  1. black n red for iron painter! this should be good. clock in another army for the year! good luck!

  2. Please post lots of pics, I'm gearing up to build a flesh tearers army when the BA codex comes out.

  3. @Azlan- Thanks dude- damn shame you won't be there to paint up your Kindred or Catachans.

    @Tristan- I will definitely post pics of what got done, and I'll continue to post pics as I get new things painted afterwards. Thanks for tuning in!

  4. 21 Infantries, a Dread and a Drop Pod to be painted in 12 hours? Wow.. Just wow.. I doubt i can do that even with my Raven Guard. But me isn't you. So good luck and have fun.

  5. Since this post I've dropped the Dread/Drop Pod as the optional pieces, and replaced them with Attack Bikes. That way, I don't have to bring my airbrush with me tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll just be doing the 21 infantry models he he he...

  6. so, it's set then..tomorrow we're going to see Eldar, Flesh Tearers, Ultramarines, and two ork mobs among others..why does my Wood Elves looked to be the odd one out? hahaha...